Storing Media Files

As a company, sometimes you have to put a lot of thought into how you are going to properly store all the media files that you are creating on a regular basis. When we store media files as individuals, we often do not think about how massive these file sizes can get. But if you ever check out the data on a full Blu-Ray that you insert into your computer, you would see the file size is close to 30 or 40 GB. This is for a movie that is probably no more than 2 hours in length.

When you have longer video files, or you have even higher quality files such as 2K or 4K files that are uncompressed, you are going to have to use a digital video storage device that is going to get the job done safely and in the right way. Not only will you need a lot of speed from your device, especially if you are going to ever stream those videos while doing work, but you will also need complete security. You cannot afford to have these video files ever go missing or get deleted, because they are the product of all the physical and recording work you did over the past few weeks.

So what you need is a really good digital storage solution for videos. And one of the products that Adobe provides is really good for this situation. Not only do you get a very high quality and secure device that you can use for the physical and offline portion of the storage. But you will also get something that is going to allow you to access these files through a cloud server. In terms of media storage on a massive scale, it is really the best option on the market right now.